January 5, 2015
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SimCity BuidIt for Dummies – Tips for Beginners

SimCity Beginners Tips

How to build your SimCity BuildIt without using any cash (real money)? That’s a question any SimCity Buildit fans want to learn and do. To begin, Residential buildings are very vital structure in this video game. Normally players want to utilize one residential building to accommodate more residence to be able to reach the full of potential of your investment considering public buildings can cost some Simcash. You should understand that in SimCity BuildIt you can’t build without investing any Simcash. Investing a public business is what the games’ idea to be able to build the City, so better understand that once you begin in the game, fire departments facilities and parks are the ideal task for you to achieve.  By placing these parks and fire department near at the residential zone people can visit in that area to look for help if there is  a fire in their houses or if they want to unwind parks will give them what need to relax. Of course in return these two public building will generate an income for your City.

Another thing also is to follow this golden tips for those who use timer based freemium (in case if you don’t have enough currency to quickly upgrade your buildings) do not use your premium currency to make your timer go faster, in my own opinion it is very waste of currency, why not wait for a few minutes.  I’ve tried myself from the previous game I have played online, I used my currency to make time finish quickly and later realize the result is not good at all since I am not a SimCash and Simoleons buyer. The above strategy could only be useful if one download hack for SimCity BuildIt, otherwise, it wont get you anywhere. I can make a comment with regards to freemium game user, I think they are just so impatience and wants to go further. Well that’s not good at all…

Never be deceived by building plenty residential building from the start, considering the game will give a few starting coins. Then later you will be tempted to upgrade these buildings and again use Simcash which is not an ideal after all. This way this will make your currency down to zero. I highly recommend to focus your attention at the onset and decide to watch over a few residences at the onset. Of course you will then climb to the next level as you follow the onset but it is expected there will be more task to be opened for you to do which requires Simcash for instance sewage and water supply to make these services running.  If you don’t have enough cash to avail these services, that more you have to wait for additional cash and build these facilities and provide your residence these needs.

January 2, 2015
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Rail Gun Acquisition for GTA 5 – Quick and Easy

Railgun for GTA V

If you want to know how to get the rail gun in GTA 5, you are in for a treat. As you can noticed in Grand Theft Auto 5 usually this weapon is only available to you if you complete the majority of the game. I am pretty sure you will get this near the end of the game. You don’t necessarily have to complete the entire thing, but it is one the final missions. With this method that I am about to share, you’ll be able to pretty much get the rail gun really early on in. This is really easy and it will not take you long at all.

Steps to get the Rail Gun fast and easy:

  • Go to your map and select one of any “Ammunation” with a range.
  • Once you are there, just walk insid.
  • Walk unto the shooting range and start shooting. Of course, you can’t do that if you haven’t paid for it first.
  • You can see these target things dropping down. Its going to explain how the shooting range works. Simply go down the very bottom and select bonus, then in the drop down menu select the rail gun.
  • Proceed to any of the challenge, and simply ignore it.
  • Commit suicide (wasted) by firing the gun into your feet.
  • When you respawn, you will still have the rail gun with you.

Overall, I mean that’s a really quick and easy method to do. Of course, this is going to be useful just like the best GTA 5 online cash hack because this one is not like the usual ones you get with the game. It is so much powerful and it is definitely fun to play with. This is not some kind of glitch nor is it an exploit. It is just so happen that this is how the game is designed. I have already asked one of the Rockstar developer regarding this one and the respond was positive. So what you can do right now is to share this neat trick to someone, perhaps your friend, or someone from your crew in GTA Online. That would be all. Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Enjoy playing GTA 5 like we all do.

December 28, 2014
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Ultimate Hay Day Turbo Trucker Achievement Guide

Hay Day Achievements

One thing that gives me a hard time, aside from the fact that I don’t want to wait so much time playing Hay Day, is the fact that I played this game for almost a year now and I am no where half from unlocking the achievements. Yeah I know, some of you will definitely criticize me for saying such thing. Well, for the record, playing Hay Day is not just planting, breeding animals, baking, cooking, fishing and all those kind of stuff but I somewhat fascinated at at the same time challenged by the “unlockables” found in the achievement part of the game. This may not true to all, but for those of you who shares the same passion as I do, I will be giving some quick tips on the achieving the Level 12 Trucker.

As you might have checked it already, two of the hardest achievements are Turbo Trucker and the Boat Captain. Others are kind of easy knowing that even if you don’t intend of completing the tasks somewhere along the way you will be able to do so. On the other hand, those two mentioned earlier are kind of difficult and it really needs some form of attention.

Hay Day Turbo Trucker Achievement Basics:

  • Turbo Trucker 1 – 10 deliveries in 10 minutes
  • Turbo Trucker 2 – 20 deliveries in 10 minutes
  • Turbo Trucker 3 – 30 deliveries in 10 minutes

Now after knowing that, basically you will have to start at achieving the first then it will unlike the next level which is 100% harder the first one with 20 truck loads, and so on. What you need to do is to have 5 stock of each of the possible things that are needed in orders. This way you can do the orders the fastest way possible. I know it seem too tasking on your part especially if you are not using Hay Day hack download, but this is what I found to be the most effective way of doing it. Remember, you only are given 10 minutes to perform 10 deliveries, and that is only good for level 1. Level 2 will double its number, and level 3 triple. Imagine that challenge!

Guide to Hay Day

Just one thing though, do not get frustrated if you find yourself having a difficulty time on completing the Turbo Trucker achievement. Why? As I have said earlier, this is the one of the two most difficult ones. This is designed to really test you out. I, for once, was so pissed about it and that made me realize that I really have to be more efficient at playing the game and thus coming up with this Hay Day strategy.